Frequently Asked Questions

ArtLinks is trying to make the service easy and accessible. But some questions could appear – that is why we present the list of the most common interrogation points and our answers. Here is given the information about all our donating procedures and some useful data about tax deductions or regulations made by Department of Motor Vehicles you should know. This bead roll will help to find the key points and make your donation proceeding easier and more understandable.

All about donation process we offer – all key points for donors

What things take part in donation program?
You have the capability to donate any equipment serviceable, including all kinds of land and maritime vehicles (such as the trucks, vans, campers and other items in good condition). We will be glad to gain the household stuffs in order to give the opportunity to present them by those who are in need. Let’s relieve distress together!

Could I reckon on the tax-deductive document after the donation would be done?
Of course! All your beginnings will be tax-deductive. You should not worry about this. But for sure it is better to inform us any comfortable way for you according your donation individually. We will give you full information about namely your situation.

How could I know the current sum of the taxes to write down?
The taxes to write off generally equals to the vehicle cost. You are able also the check the additory tax regulations ordained by IRS (in the USA it the Pb. 4303). It is the great way to get more facts and new regulations about the tax write-off calculation after some your property that take part in the donation program.

Which steps should I undertake in order to participate in ArtLinks donation program?
The only thing sought-for is to provide us with the documentation of title to the property you are going to donate. But if you have some problems with this and want to run the donation – please, contact us and we will recommend you the best way of solving this question!

I did not use my car for a long time – could it be donated nevertheless?
We accept all kinds of vehicles. The only exception is the rather old cars that have the lower value than the towing. It is necessary that the donated vehicle would be able to transport. Even the car is old and was not used during big period of time but it is intact still – the donation is available. We are waiting for your vehicle!

Is the donation available in my country?
Our program is available worldwide. It is the only thing you should do – to contact us and inform ArtLinks team about your wish to donate your property!

What about the liability issues I could reckon on?
It is useful just to start the donation campaign. That time when the towing organization comes to you to transport the donated vehicle, you get the receipt as the form of your future liability for the donation made.

Which way the donated car would be put a dollar tag on?
It is worth noticing that the valuable aspect is determined according the IRS regulations. We do not offend against the laws. That is why you could depend upon the correct-designated value of your donated vehicle or other items.

Which way the property I donate will be transported?
Do not worry about the transportation of your donated equipment. The vehicle will be towed at the comfortable time namely for you. You should inform us about the date and the time period the towing company should come. It will cost for you nothing – the donation program provides all participants with the free towing operations.

Is it the long-term process to pick up my car?
The towing process will take not much time. You should only make a point about your time frames and the dates that are comfortable for you! Our operators will mention all your requirements and – do not forget to tell about the convenient time limits if it is necessary to pick up the vehicle as soon as possible. The towing company would come to you firstly.

What should I know about the new law concerning the tax deduction operation?
As the law says, the donors are not responsible for appoint the deductible value of their donation items no longer. It is better to have the look at the IRS F. 1098/C (form of this number). It is said that the regulation is going to be changed soon. Follow the IRS news.

Could I count on the taxing receipt after the donation proceeding would be completed?
You could reckon on the receipt just after your vehicle is picked up. It will be just the first documentation in case your equipment price is higher than 500 dollars. In some period of time (usually during 30 days after the donation was made) you will get the IRS mail notification where the fact of your donated device sale is confirmed. There also will be the permanent tax receipt for your charitable contribution. The temporary documentation that is given right the day a car was pick up – is just an indication of your initials along with all the useful data concerning the donating object.

What about the value determination of the donated car?
You could not affect this fact. The sum is formed with the gross proceeds advanced from the sale of your donated property.

What if my donated property exceeds the sum of 500 dollars?
In such case, the donor is limited to the gross proceeds of the sale. If you want to get more information according this question – contact our managers.

If the maritime or land vehicle I donate values more than 5 thousand of dollars?
According to the new legal requirements, the taxpayer is not required to have the appraisal equipment no longer. We could give you more details – contact ArtLinks team.

Could I get more information according IRS regulation and tax-deduction process concerning the charitable donation?
Our managers are competent in all questions concerning the charity and the donation. ArtLinks program runs in accordance with IRS requirements. You could take opinion of our representatives anytime you need the recommendations. We make the world better together with you – that is why we want the donors do not have the problems with the donation proceeding they face.

Is the donation impossible if my vehicle is not running?
Every time the exceptions are. ArtLinks have the donation program in order to make the life of other people better. The main requirement to the vehicle is its towable possibility. Sometimes we agree to pick up the cars and other mechanized items with engine defective. Please do not forget to contact us – if you depict your situation, our managers will be ready to help you in a moment.

What is the smog certificate – should I have it obligatory?
This document is necessary in some USA states and other countries we cooperate with. In order to check the information about your region, call us. We have the full list of the requirements to the donors – no detail and key point will be missed.

Is the donation the process with the long-term paperwork?
The main requirement to your documentation is your clear title. The vehicle should not be loaned up by the bank still. All the forfeits should be paid. The most detailed instructions could be got by DMV of the region you live. But if you want to know some extra information firsthand – contact us and get the useful recommendations.

Has the donor to notify the DMV organization before the donation campaign starts?
This information also could vary that is why it is better to enquire with DMV representatives of your country. Our specialists know about the different aspects too – so you are able to reckon on the ArtLinks managers support. Contact us and get the useful information right now!

IRS Publications Concerning Vehicle Donations And Deductions