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ArtLinks is 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, located in Eugene, Oregon, USA. We are peace-making organization that unites and supports diversities through art culture and education.

Our mission is to support and unite ethnic diversities through art, culture and education regardless religion, age, sex or social status to eliminate various political and social prejudices against immigrants and to help them to integrate into American society.

A lot of immigrant families, who move to the United States as well as those who live here for years, struggle with integration process and the loss of their identity. They usually live separated from the American society, communicating mostly within their ethnic community that complicates integration process.

Besides, current political national conflicts not only engender hostile sentiments between representatives of different countries, but also raise prejudices and distorted perceptions of the local people towards the immigrants.

But diversities have a huge value for the society, as immigrants with their unique experience are invaluable source of the cultural heritage, traditions, and values of their native countries. This opens up tremendous opportunities for multicultural exchange and gaining new experience and knowledge.

Uniting people from all over the world we create a powerful space for new ideas & creativity; we increase loyalty and show young generation how to live in harmony and peace, despite of their differences.

We currently have a wide collection of fine arts, authentic folk art handicrafts, ethnic costumes collection from all over the world, author’s puppet theater created by famous Russian Puppeteer Ekaterina Davydova.

We organize an ongoing series of cultural performances, guest artists’ presentations, after- school programs, workshops, educational programs, festivals, events for kids and adults.

Even though our organization was officially registered only in October, 2018, we already have about 200 volunteers from Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa, Mexico, United States who support our mission.

But we can’t meet our goal without help of charitable donators.

Your gift can make a huge difference in the life of so many kids and families in Oregon, support peacemaking programs, raise public awareness of the beauty of diversities and bring the peace to the Earth.

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